December 04, 2011

Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love decorating my house, trying new recipes, and keeping/starting family traditions. Having children definitely brings more excitement to the season.

This week in my MOPS group, I made advent calendars to count down to Christmas Day. Each day involves a special activity or treat for the family to enjoy together. I LOVE this idea!

Here is what I did to make my calendar. Keep in mind, there are many different calendar designs out there. If you are needing some inspiration just check Google or Pinterest.
These envelopes were purchased on Etsy. I used stickers to decorate them. 
(I am only partially finished decorating them)
Then I used stencils to write the dates on them.
Next, I bought a plain white poster board, and covered it with wrapping paper. Then I taped the clothes pins onto the poster board. After writing out each day's activity, I placed the cards into the envelopes and clipped them to the poster board. 

Here is the 25 activities I used: 
(the internet is a great resource if you need more ideas)

1. Build a Snowman
2. Buy a gift for an underprivileged child
3. Buy a new Christmas ornament
4. Go to a Christmas parade, party or play
5. Color a Christmas picture
6. Learn about holidays in other countries
7. Go to the mall to get a picture with Santa Claus
8. Listen to Christmas music and sing along!
9. Take hot chocolate to Salvation Army Volunteers
10. Make a Christmas card for your teacher
11. Create a snow scape with shaving cream 
12. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
13. Permission to stay up late!
14. Do something kind today for another person
15. Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them up
16. Watch a Christmas movie, and eat popcorn
17. Make a gingerbread house
18. Eat a candy cane, while reading the legend of the candy cane
19. Get dressed in your PJ's and drive around to look at Christmas lights
20. Bake Christmas cookies
21. Eat out at a favorite restaurant
22. Play board games together as a family
23. Read a the Christmas story together
24. Go to church candlelight service, then open one stocking stuffer
25. Bake/decorate a birthday cake for baby Jesus, and sing him Happy Birthday!

 Happy Crafting!

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