March 19, 2012

Get Yer' Mug Taken

This weekend our sweet friend's little daughter celebrated her 1st birthday! She used my cowgirl party pack, and here are a few fun pictures from the "Photo Booth"
 little Levi - wanted for being so cute!
 Elias wasn't too sure about the mustache...
 Pucker Up!
The adults had fun with the props too!
 Mary Petrie - the outlaw 
 Curt tried to get away with not using the red lips...
 But his wife won this time!
 Cute photo of mother and daughter
 Kenzie - the outlaw
Colin & Jamie (the birthday girl's parents)
And lastly my handsome son and hubby!

Happy Birthday sweet Elodie! We love you, and had so much fun celebrating with you!

Happy Crafting!

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