October 05, 2014

DIY Play Makeup

My little girl (who is 18 months old) loves to sit next to me while I do my hair and makeup. She mimics me, and loves getting into my makeup bag. It is really adorable!!

There have even been a couple times I have caught her with the concealer stick. For whatever reason, that is her go to item, and she loves smearing it all over her face.

I decided to buy her a set of play makeup that she couldn't make a mess with. But after searching at several stores and online, I found nothing like what I was looking for.

I either found real "play" makeup, or incredibly expensive pretend makeup sets.

This is why I love am obsessed with Pinterest! I knew I could find a way to make mine own.

I was right, it was so simple, and super cheap - maybe even free if you already have all the needed supplies.

What you will need:
  • Empty or used make up compacts that you no longer need/want 
  • Qtips and something sharp/pointed tip (to scrape out any make up left in the compact)
  • Fingernail polish (in whatever colors you would like)
Then follow these three simple steps:

Clean the make up out of the compact(s)
2. Use the Qtips (and a little bit of water) to make sure the compact is completely clean & dry
Pour the nail polish into the compact, and wait for it to dry.
Voila! It's that simple

Here are some helpful tips I learned - Fill the compact as full as possible, and give it plenty of time to dry completely. I let mine sit over night.

Also, the nail polish tended to shrink a little after drying so I decided to fill them up a little more and give them one more night to dry.

My daughter loves it! She walks around now putting on her makeup, saying "pretty". Oh and I ordered some play lipstick on Etsy, because I didn't feel like going through the trouble of making that too. But here is a tutorial I found on Pinterest how to make your own if you are interested.

Happy Crafting!

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